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Metal Buildings Made with American Steel

American Steel

Waldrop Manufacturing uses Allied Super Strength galvanized steel tubing that was developed exclusively for carports and other metal buildings. Flat out, it is the best American-made steel tubing on the market. The Flo-Coat manufacturing process guarantees and extremely strong corrosion-resistant tubing with more than twice the corrosion resistance of the competition. Super Strength 65 has a minimum yield strength of 65,000 psi.

Consider the differences between the US steel we use and the foreign steel used by our competitors.

Note: The information on this page discusses only steel used by Waldrop Manufacturing compared to other US- made steel. Foreign steel (Chinese and Mexican) is far inferior to that described below and it is being used by some other tubular steel building manufacturers.

Our company strongly emphasizes the importance of using quality structural steel in the construction of your Alabama metal building or carport system.  It is with good reason that Waldrop Manufacturing uses only American made steel in its tubular steel structures.

No one knows the integrity of steel like the factory that works with it on an ongoing basis. We form it, bend it, weld it, install it and we back all of our frame systems with a lifetime warranty. We use it in both the Classic System and our Engineered System.  This is why:

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion can undermine and destroy the steel that makes up your building.

Our steel has a G90 galvanized coating. The competition uses a G60.  Our steel contains one third more corrosion protection than other steel on the market.

Our steel has a patented protective coating on the outside which further prevents corrosion. Regular US-made steel shows 100% white rust and 10% red rust after 312 hours of continual exposure to salt spray testing.  Steel used by Waldrop Manufacturing shows 20% white rust after 840 hours of this kind of exposure.

Steel Strength

Consider the strength of the steel used in metal buildings. In our Alabama steel buildings we use only steel that has minimum yield strength of 65,000 psi. That’s 30% stronger than the American made tube steel minimum specifications for engineered metal buildings. This means that the steel in our buildings has increased structural rigidity, a greater load carrying capacity and is more impact resistant than the steel used by our competitors.  The 2” x 3” steel tube we use in all our Alabama metal buildings is nearly twice as strong as the steel in the buildings offered by roadside vendors.

  • Waldrop Manufacturing uses 2” x 3” steel tubing in the main frame system (and we go larger from there). It has a beam load of 2,150 lbs.
  • Steel tube 2 1/4” x 2 1/4” used by the roadside vendors in their main frame system has a beam load of 1,101 lbs.

Steel Content and Consistency

Quality is paramount.

Waldrop Manufacturing works with steel every day.  Poorly made steel would give us real problems.  If it had too much carbon or not enough, some of it wouldn't take a weld or it would have weak spot. It might appear to be fine, but the inconsistencies would eventually surface. This would cost many man-hours by trying to do things a cheaper way.


The quality of steel used in our Alabama metal buildings and steel carport systems speaks for itself.  It is one important reason why our buildings have been chosen by all branches of the American military for use in difficult environments such as the salt mines of Cargill where buildings are exposed to salt and moisture 24 hours a day. 

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