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Metal Building and Carports Options

Waldrop Manufacturing offers many options and accessories for your metal buildings or carports. If you want to add that custom touch, or if you simply need replacement parts, we can help you.

Below are some of the metal buildings and steel carports options and accessories that are available for purchase - either separately or to be included with the purchase of your metal structure.

Pricing: The pricing will tend to fluctuate as do the cost of raw materials. If you have any questions, or if you would like a no-pressure price, please contact us.

Roll up doorRoll Up Doors
6' x 6.5'
9' x 7'
10' x 8'
10' x 10'

Walk in doorsWalk In / Pedestrian Doors
36" x 76"



Ground anchorsGround Anchors
30" Rebar
3/4" Thick
Base railsBase Rails
Used to put along the ground or concrete pad to level and adjust the building. Waldrop Mfg. uses 2' standard cup height, which is 1'6" higher than other building manufacturers.
Concrete AnchorsConcrete Anchors
Go over the base rail and attach to the slab
Corner eave bracketCorner Brackets
This provides a squared corner look without sacrificing the strength of the Waldrop Bend.
J TrimJ Trim
Goes around doors and windows and exposed edges. This trim is standard on all of our buildings, but other companies will charge for this trim.
L trimL Trim
Standard trim for the
gable ends of horizontally sheeted buildings.
Ridge capRidge Cap
Covers the Ridge portion of vertically sheeted buildings.
Corner trimCorner Trim
This is standard for covering the corners of full buildings.
Rake trimRake Trim
This is standard for covering the gable ends of vertically sheeted buildings
Gable Ends
This is the sheeted portion of the peak. Pictured here, the gable end is the red sheeted panel that is over top of the carport entrance.
Gable ends

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