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Portable Metal Building Kits

We have portable metal buildings with maintenance free painted steel panel exteriors available to you from our factory in Alabama.

Yes, our buildings are portable BUT…with the exception of our smallest models, our portable buildings and storage sheds are built on your site.  We never haul them to your property on a truck or flatbed trailer.

There’s good reason for this---the dings and damage a portable building takes when it is loaded and unloaded causes all kinds of problems with the doors, windows and structural members.

Using portable buildings for commercial storage purposes is a far more efficient use of the restricted space that businesses typically occupy . In addition, they are a much more attractive and responsible way for businesses to show themselves to the neighborhood that supports them.

Portable metal building gambrel
Gambrel Style Portable Building
Available in:
12' x 8'
12' x 12'
12' x 16'
12' x 20'
12' x 24'

Porable storage buildings
Classic Style Portable Metal Building
Available in:
12' x 8'
12' x 12'
12' x 16'
12' x 20'
12' x 24'
Wide portable metal buildings
16' Wide Portables
Available in:
16' x 16'
16' x 20'
16' x 24'
16' x 28'
16' x 32'
16' x 36'
16' x 40'

Our portable buildings feature:

  • Treated 3/4" tongue & groove plywood floors
  • 2x4 and 2x6 treated lumber studs
  • Standard on all our portable buildings is a 6 x 6.5 rollup door
  • Painted steel panels with a 30 year warranty on the paint finish against fading, chalking or peeling.
  • Built on-site so there is no damage in transport.

Portable Metal Buildings Examples...

Gambrel portable building
12' x 20' Gambrel Style Portable
Building includes two windows, shutters, and a 6' x 6.5' roll-up door
Portable metal building kit
14' x 28' Classic Style Portable
Building includes one window and one 9-lite pedestrian door.
Metal portable building kit
16' x 32' Portable Metal Building
Building includes two windows, shutters, and one 6' x 6.5' roll-up door.

20' x 12' Portable

12' x 12' Gambrel Style Portable

12' x 16' Portable Metal Building

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