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Metal Garage Kits - Garages Made in Alabama

Our metal garages are built in Alabama, and can be shipped to your job site anywhere in the contiguous United States! Our steel garage kits or shop kits, which are manufactured here in Alabama, are available in many different sizes and have multiple options.

Installation: Installation is pretty easy. We have been in business since 1976, and manufacturing our metal building kits since 1989, and have had a long time to perfect our metal building kits. If you don't want to put it together yourself, we may be able to put you in contact with a professional carport installer that we have dealt with before or, if a more economical approach is for you, install it yourself.

For years we’ve been the specialists in delivering our steel garage buildings to the job site anywhere in the country. Every metal garage system bought from Waldrop Manufacturing comes with easy instructions and we have live people on the phones who can answer any questions you may come up with during installation.

Our metal garages meet sustained wind load of 90 MPH!

Metal Garage Kit / Metal Shop Kit Examples...

Metal garage building 3-car
Metal Garage Building 3-Car
30' x 30' Contemporary style with three 9' x 7' roll-up doors, a pedestrian door, and two windows.
Steel garage and workshop
Steel Garage and Shop
30' x 40' steel garage with workshop. Features one 10' x 10' roll-up door and one pedestrian door.
Classic style metal garage
Classic Style Metal Garage
Classic style 24' x 30' metal garage with two 9' x 7' roll-up doors and two windows.
Two car garage kit
Two Car Garage kit
25' x 35' two car garage kit in Classic styling. Two 10' x 10' roll-up doors.
Industrial metal garage
Industrial Garage
40' x 40' Contemporary style, with plenty of space.
Steel garage workshop
Steel Garage / Workshop
24' x 25' with horizontal roof and sides. Works great as a workshop.
Commercial garage and shop
Commercial Garage and Shop
30' x 30' with vertical roof and horizontal sides.
HOA compliant metal garage
HOA Compliant Metal Garage
20' x 30' metal garage with looks that an HOA will approve.
Steel garage and Workshop
Steel Garage and Workshop
25' x 40' steel garage with workshop. Great for small to medium business.
Metal two car garage
Metal Two Car Garage Kit
20' x 20' metal garage for two cars.
Steel garage with lean-tos
Steel Garage with Lean-Tos
30' x 40' steel garage with two 15' x 40' lean-tos that add additional covered parking.

Superior, Weather Resistant Exterior Panels

  • All steel panels have 80,000 ksi strength steel.
  • Paint finish warranty of 40 years against fading chalking or peeling.
  • Underwriter’s Laboratory, the most trusted worldwide source for product safety certification, rates the panels we use an industry leading: UL 2218 Class 4 hail impact rating and a UL 790 Class A fire resistance rating.

Base Rail System - A Superior Foundation

As the base rail system bears the maximum load of the structure itself, we do not use a swedged (mechanically reduced) piece of tube to fit up into the sidewall of your metal carport or RV cover. Instead we use single 14 gauge insert tube (insert tube is slightly smaller: 1 ¾” x 2 ¾”) for each vertical upright to slip onto. Why do we do this when we have the equipment to reduce/swedge the ends of 2x3 steel that we use throughout the frame and therefore could avoid this costly step?

There are two reasons why:

  1. At the bottom, where condensation can collect, there are uniform and tight connections where it is most critical to keep moisture out.
  2. The 12" inserts give plenty of adjustment capabilities in the event your site is irregular.

Side Walls - Easy to Assemble and Stronger

Common sense should tell you that a sidewall that’s made up of more than one piece is not as strong as a single piece.  Yet, the competition often uses sidewalls made up of several pieces. The reason we use a single piece for the sidewall of your Alabama steel carport or RV cover is pretty straightforward:

  1. Single piece connections that run from the base rail to the eave piece impart more strength on that wall.
  2. By not using multiple pieces for a sidewall, there is less assembly. That makes it easier on you or less costly if you are paying an installer.
  3. Your steel carport or RV cover will have a wall that’s straight.

For more technical information on our frames, steel tubing, and exterior panels, click here.

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