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High Pitch Metal Buildings

Need a metal building with a higher pitch than a 'standard' metal building? We have you covered - literally. Our high pitch metal building kits can give you what you need.

A high pitch metal building is great for...

  • Areas with a high snow load (easier for the snow to dissipate from the roof)
  • Anyone who wants an additional level / floor in their metal building. Make it a double-decker!
  • Anyone who simply wants to add some personality to their metal building kit.

High Pitch Metal Building Kit Examples...

Metal Building Kit with Porch
20' x 25' Metal Building
This high pitch metal building incorporates a 10' lean-to that works as a shade cover for the porch.
Metal buildings kit with loft and balcony
20' x 20' Metal Building with Loft
Add a 10' x 20' x 8' lean-to and provide covered parking. Add a balcony to the second level!
Metal carport with storage
Metal Carport and Storage
This is an example of one of our standard combo buildings that has been fabricated for high pitch.
Metal building kit Alabama
20' x 25' Metal Building with Loft
Add a balcony to the second level! Make your metal building how you want it.
Tall metal buildings
25' x 45' High Pitch Metal Building
Metal garage kit
20' x 20' Metal Garage
with two window openings and two door openings. Notice the stairs inside for 2nd level access.
Steel framed buildings
25' x 35' Steel Frame Only
Metal garage with rock
Customize Your Building
This 24' x 24' metal garage features a faux rock fascia.
Residential metal garage kit
Neighborhood Friendly
A metal building kit can be designed and colored to fit within a residential neighborhood.
Inside of a Gambrel barn
20' x 25' Garage Kit