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Metal Buildings Engineered Plans

If you want engineered plans for your metal building, carport, or other metal structure, we can help you.

If you are planning to build a metal building or carport in a County municipality in Alabama, you most likely won’t have to have engineered plans.   However, if you live in an incorporated area, you should check with the local building department regarding the regulations.

Alabama municipalities are usually not difficult to deal with. Many customers have satisfied their local town or city by furnishing drawings from us that show the sizes and strengths of the steel. These are never “wet stamped” by the engineer.  We do charge for original wet stamped plans, if you need to furnish those.  Three sets of stamped, sealed drawings along with three sets of stamped, sealed structural calculations drawn up by a licensed Alabama engineer will cost $650.

Along with the engineered plans you’ll be required to furnish a site plan showing the distance from the lot line and nearby buildings (fire access).  A hand drawn plan will usually work.

Before undertaking the cost of engineered plans, check to see whether you are in violation of setbacks from the lot line.  Be sure that there no other issues that may present problems in building your metal building or carport where you want it.

There are people who don’t want to go through the hassle of trying to obtain a permit. Some 10% of those are eventually cited by their municipality for not adhering to the regulations.  We strongly urge you to follow the rules and regulations. But If you’re going to build your metal building or carport with a “courtesy permit” we strongly suggest the following:

  1. Always make certain that the placement of the structure is the correct distance from lot lines, other buildings, etc.
  2. Document your footings, slab or caissons. Photograph your work in progress, documenting it with a tape measure to show depth. If it’s a footing, take a picture of the steel rebar in place. When things are covered with concrete, no one can tell what’s there unless you have documented it.
  3. Know your neighbors--95% of complaints comes from a neighbor. Communication is a good thing.
  4. Follow our installation instructions and build your structure way we suggest.

If you subsequently find your structure red tagged, you can order plans from us and go to the building department and ask for a permit You will usually get it. But it is far easier to get the proper permits in the beginning.

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