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Metal Buildings Made in Alabama, USA

Waldrop Metal Buildings manufacturing plantAt Waldrop Manufacturing we aren’t just a website hawking someone else’s metal buildings. We’re the actual manufacturer of all our steel buildings, carports and covered parking systems.

Buy Your Metal Building Direct From the Factory!

Our manufacturing capabilities are sufficient to serve the whole country right from our factory in Alabama.

As you may know, we are the leading manufacturer of top quality steel frame metal buildings in the southeast and midwest. We pride ourselves on quality and competitive prices. We have automatic benders and automatic welders. This means we can put the best quality product in your hands at the lowest price. We always have and will continue to set the industry standards for excellence. No one else can compete with us because of our state of the art equipment. Consider these advantages:

  • Robotic Welders: On our base rails, we have robotic welders that weld fifteen 20’ long pieces at the same time, instead of one man welding one upright at a time.
  • Multiple Bending Machines: Instead of using one piece benders like the others use, our Alabama metal building factory has the capability of bending up to 10 pieces of 2” x 4” steel tube all at the same time.
  • Waldrop Manufacturing PlantAdjustable Framing Machine: This piece of equipment can make your metal building go together a lot faster. It can take 2" x 2" steel tube and roll two opposite sides inwards, leaving the other two to act as a dog-eared bracket to attach to other frame parts. This will save you and the installers a lot of time by not having to fiddle with brackets while you hold a piece of steel tube in place when affixing it to another piece.

We have the ability to custom make any size or style - quick with quality - gambrel barns, lean-tos, full buildings and high pitch buildings. We have a patent pending of adjustable framing for doors, windows and end walls. This makes erection simple and easy. It cuts installation time by about fifty percent. We also have component models available, which means all peaks and wall bends are the same. This makes customization much easier. Our products are certified for wind and snow loads.

Call us at 1-256-820-5765 to arrange for a factory tour when you’re in Alabama.

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